Conduct Policy


1) Doing what a Ref tells you to do
2) Bullying
3) Sexual Harassment
4) Drinking and drug use

Reporting poor conduct
1) While it is happening
2) Reporting Bullying or Harassment
3) Welfare Refs
4) Contact us early
5) Investigation
6) Anonymity
7) Involving the police
8) Confidentiality

1) Reprimand
2) Formal warning
3) Banning




Dumnonni Chronicles is part of a co-operative hobby, which means that your enjoyment of our game is dependent on the behaviour of other participants, and, likewise, their enjoyment is impacted by the way you approach and play the game. Because of this unique, co-operative aspect of live roleplaying, we require all of our participants to meet certain common standards of conduct and behaviour at our events.

All of our Rules for conduct apply to everyone who attends our events, regardless of whether they are Players or Crew. The underlying goal of this Code of Conduct is to ensure that participants respect each other. We will take reasonable measures to produce the best events that we can and to make them accessible to as many people as possible. We want to produce high-quality events that are enjoyed by all participants, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexuality or abilities.




Doing what a Ref tells you to do

The Refs have to manage and arbitrate many small and large things at events. To make this work, all participants need to pay attention and act on what they are asked to do.

There are many small and large things which participants can get wrong that need immediate action to correct. These would include: unsafe fighting, other dangerous activities, failing to follow the rules, reacting in a way which is off-plot, getting in the way of the action, dropping Out of Character, and so on. Some of the more serious issues are discussed below.

When a Ref asks you to stop doing something, change what you are doing, or go to another location, not doing so will cause stress for all. Even if you feel unfairly treated, in the first instance please do as you are asked. It is possible that a Ref has made a mistake but we ask that you wait until you are in the Out of Character Camp before checking with the Ref in question or another Ref.



In a game where there is much In Character conflict and pathos, it can sometimes be difficult to recognise The Line here. Thus, we define Bullying as when a person FEELS Out of Character upset by the actions of another. This does not need to have been deliberate and, indeed, it is often unintended.

Where Bullying appears unintended, or as the result of a misunderstanding, we will endeavour to clear up the upset by discussion with both parties; hopefully creating an amicable solution.

Where Bullying appears deliberately hurtful Out Of Character or, after discussion, a person does not change their behaviour, we would consider this much more serious and escalate the situation.


Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment will not be tolerated at our events.

We understand that many people come to Dumnonni Chronicles to socialise and enjoy themselves but nobody should have to tolerate harassment from other participants.

Our definition of sexual harassment includes any of the following behaviours:

• Repeatedly asking a person to socialise when they have indicated that they are not interested.

• Repeatedly standing, or sitting too close to, or brushing up against a person without their clear consent.

• Sexual comments, banter, jokes, or innuendo that makes someone feel uncomfortable.

• Touching a person in an intimate or sexual way without their clear consent.

In plain English, if you continue to hit on other participants after they have indicated that they are not interested, or if you make sexual comments or jokes that make other participants uncomfortable, then we will consider you guilty of sexual harassment and deal with you accordingly.

A victim of sexual harassment can be of any gender. The victim can be of the same gender as the harasser. The harasser can be any participant, a Player or a member of Crew. All of our rules apply to all participants regardless of gender or status.


Drinking and Drug use

There is plenty of drinking at Dumnonni Chronicles and we recognise that this social aspect of the game is part of the culture both In and Out Of Character. However, drunkenness can have a detrimental effect on the behaviour of our participants, as well as making it unsafe to fight. Excessive alcohol consumption is often linked to poor conduct and has, at times, reduced the quality of the game. A Ref will ask someone who is too drunk to participate acceptably to go to bed, or to return to the Out of Character (“Plastic”) Camp immediately.

Another problem is when Crew (and it is normally Crew) drink during the day rather than participate. While there is much that overlaps in style between what we do and the Festival Scene, in this regard we expect you to recognise the difference. Please come and help us to create something special rather than just hanging out around your tents.

We have also had issues with the blatant use of illegal drugs which, as well as being illegal, risks damage to our public image and could jeopardise our events. Poor behaviour linked to drug use also damages the game.

It is also worth pointing out that some of our participants are in the Police and could be put in an untenable position. Although we as an organisation to do not want to spend time investigating this (we come to have fun not to police you) we cannot turn a blind eye to blatant drug use and will have to respond accordingly.



Reporting Poor Conduct

While it is happening

If something needs to be dealt with immediately, be it anything from a participant not pulling their blows properly to a serious Out of Character situation, you must let the nearest Ref know so that they can intervene straight away. If the situation cannot be resolved immediately, or the seriousness of the behaviour warrants it, the offending participant will be asked to leave the game area and return to the Out of Character Camp where the Refs can deal with the matter.


Reporting Bullying or Harassment

We want all participants to be confident that they can make a report to us and that we will deal with matters promptly, respectfully, and appropriately. We aim to provide a space where participants can feel safe and able to talk to us in confidence.


Welfare Refs

Although any of the Refs can, and will, deal with an incident, Nathan and Alysa are our designated Welfare Refs.


Contact Us Early

• Please report a problem as soon as possible.

• Find a Ref. There will normally be one in the Out of Character plastic camp.

• You can also report an incident by contacting us between events

The more time that elapses, the harder it becomes to confirm the details of what has happened, so the best time to report any inappropriate conduct is as soon as possible at the event.

The Welfare Refs should normally be the first point of contact but you can speak to any Ref you feel comfortable with.

After the event, or to report inappropriate Out of Character behaviour linked to Dumnonni Chronicles (e.g. in online groups), please contact us by email at

Alternatively, Facebook members can message the Ref Dumnonni avatar or contact Nathan Gribble or Alysa Freeman directly.



We will strive to deal with any complaint in a timely fashion. If you report a problem during an event, we will address the issue there and then if it is practical and possible. If you are contacting us by email then we will acknowledge receipt of your message as soon as we have read it.

We will ask you to give us as much detail as you can. Unless you wish to make an anonymous complaint, we will approach the other party and ask them to provide us with their version of events. We will obtain as many eye-witness accounts as possible.

We will attempt to check in advance that you are comfortable with any steps that we take to investigate a situation. In general, we try to be as flexible as possible in dealing with any issues so that we can take account of any concerns you may have. We will try to ensure that we ask your permission before taking any step that could have repercussions for you.

Once we have the best possible picture of what happened, we will determine the outcome. We will keep those affected informed.



If you wish to report an incident but prefer to remain anonymous, or you do not want to make a formal complaint for any reason, then we will adjust our process to reflect your wishes. We will ask you to provide us with as complete a description of events as possible but we not make any further investigation of the matter to avoid compromising your anonymity.

This will limit the actions that we can take as a result of the complaint but, as a minimum, a record of the incident will be kept on file. If in the future there are independent complaints against the same party, then we would use the history of previous incidents in determining the outcome of subsequent complaints.


Involving the Police

We will always support your decision on whether or not to contact the Police.

A serious breach of our rules on conduct may also constitute a criminal offence. Dumnonni Chronicles policy is that any decision to report a crime is a choice for the victim alone. We will treat any matter that you bring to our attention exactly the same, regardless of whether you wish to report it or not.

Any participant who wishes to report a matter to the Police will have our full support and co-operation.



All complaints are treated in confidence.

If you report a problem to a Ref they will not share those details with anyone without your express permission. We will not take steps to investigate a report that could breach your right to anonymity without discussing that with you first.

We will ask you for permission to share the details of your situation with other Refs. Cases are normally shared between Refs so that any of them can respond to any future incident appropriately and consistently. However, some incidents may warrant a smaller circle of confidentiality which might only extend to the Welfare Refs or another subset of Refs depending on what is appropriate. If you are not comfortable with us sharing details of your experience with other Refs we will discuss possibilities with you.



Any decision will be made by two or more Refs together.

Once we have completed an investigation, we will issue a response.

We will act from the following spectrum of responses, based on the level of severity and the degree of repetition in the offending behaviour:

• A Reprimand indicating that the reported behaviour is not in line with our event rules.

• A Formal Warning for a clear violation of our rules.

• A Temporary Ban from Dumnonni Chronicles events.

• A Permanent Ban from Dumnonni Chronicles events.

• Removal from site.


Formal Warning

A Formal Warning is given to let a participant know that if they repeat their poor behaviour, they are likely to be banned from our events. Note that if the situation is serious enough we will skip this step and implement a ban forthwith.



As a club, we have the right to ban, or refuse attendance, to anyone we so choose. However, we aim to be fair so we would only use these sanctions after much consideration and investigation.


Poor conduct by Refs

All of the above applies to us as much as to anyone else and while we hope that our behaviour will not be called into question, we accept that it might be. Despite the fact that we are a close group of friends, we will do our best to deal with complaints fairly and sensitively.

• Welfare Refs, Alysa and Nathan should be your first point of call, unless your complaint is about one of them.

• Any complaint will be dealt with to the same high standards of confidentiality as any other (see above).

• If necessary, we will we use an outside mediator to ensure impartiality.

• Any of the same possible responses might be applied, with the additional possibility of expulsion from the Ref Team, either temporarily or permanently.



The goal of our Conduct Policy is to provide a high degree of personal safety and comfort to everyone who attends Dumnonni Chronicles events. These rules govern all events run by us, as well as all official online activities that exist to support the game and which are moderated by us.

Our conduct rules do not cover any other real-world situations: this includes other live roleplaying systems and events, and any social, or real-world, situations that are not a logical extension of Dumnonni Chronicles. However, we are always prepared to talk to any participant about their concerns. We appreciate that situations that take place outside of Dumnonni Chronicles are significant and can be pivotal to understanding the context of a situation or disagreement within the game. Normally, such information will be only used as ‘Intelligence’ that would allow us to be aware of possible issues and people who we need to ‘watch out for’. Only in the most extreme situations would such external sources be used to ban a person. Examples of this include criminal convictions for sexual offences, and well-documented and serious offences against one of our participants by another.