Outlore 2018 – Old Enemies

Outlore 2018


The world is formed anew after the defeat of the Great Worm, but the enemies and troubles of yesterday are here today.
The threat of the eternal Darkness held back a tide of lesser woes but now, like a rush through a broken dam, they surge upon the still blooded and weakened forces at Culhaven.

Thus, once more, the Ard Ri has called for the Host of the Free Races to assemble and stem the tide. A call has gone out for news from far and wide, but the gods sent storms, floods and great snows to hamper those messengers.
Thus, only on the eve of Beltane will the tales reach the waiting ears of the Host.
What happened to the great force sent to battle for control of the lands of the Briganti?
How have the lands been changed by the greed of Crom Cruach?
Is it true that The Winter King has become Mortal and that Avatak has been released from his prison? And what of Donn, Finivar, Athelhelm or the Red Hand Fomor?
Your tales also will feed the tale-hungry folk of Culhaven.

A Hero never rests.
A Monster is always in waiting to rend the unwary.
A sword cries out to leap from its scabbard.
Blood burns hot in the hearts of the Honourable and the Terrible alike.