October 2017 – Worm Bait

It’s the end of the world and the Free Races must band together to stop it.

The Ard Ri, Turalach, pulls the people together for a moot, drawing from them the essence of a plan. With it, a glimmer of hope.
Still, despite the end news comes that The Blackshields have been raiding their neighbours.
The Druid Meddreddyth tasks Hywell Pendarion to speak for his people, naming him prince of the Black Shields, and their leader in Gwideons absence.

Fleet, Svanni and Alesca spend much of what could potentially be their last night alive, carving Ogham in the remains of the old roundhouse, to draw together the remaining wyrd in Cul Haven.
With the addition of Rhoninne’s wisdom, the circle of Ogham is complete and able to power the ghost fence against the undead of ill intent.

The Flail of The Lord Of The Tall Sheaves is sought out as are the children of iron.
These will be essential if the free races are to win the day.

Crom Cruach sends the mist to separate Fleet from Lu’en, The Fae gate, for the drune lords Fleet has sent back to him.
It is only through Alsa’s effort in bending the mist to her will that the free races can access the Fae gate and retrieve what the last of the children of iron and thusly their potential salvation.

Gato Salvax, standing as warleader, successfully leads the forces of Cul Haven in their final days, fending off every force that would hasten the end of the world.

The final battle begins just before sunset. The plan is to draw Crom Cruach to a decaying realm and sever it from the land, trapping him there.

Madra of The Red Branch accepts the burden of becoming the vessel of the Lord Of The Tall Sheaves.
He is Named Marda Leis CuChulainn for his bravery.

Upon the field of battle Cynric reveals to The Bard Of Summer that the saxon lord himself was the cause of the awakening of Crom Cruach.

It is also revealed the Mordraugh, The Winter King, is under Cynric’s control.

The injuries are many to the Free Races. Od loses his life. Gato is brought back from the Morrighan’s embrace.
Angered by the loss of his friend, and the destruction around him, Kai The Giant, wields the Morrienwyn against the winter king.
In an exchange of blows, the winter monarch is stuck by the Morrienwyn.
This does not stop Mordraugh for long however and Meran finds himself facing off against the great king repeatedly to keep him from doing more harm.
Through druidic knowledge, Rhoninne manages to allow The Winter King to target the cause of his woes, Cynric.
Cynric is slain.

The plan calls for the way to be broken from inside the realm. Those who stay behind to do so will be lost.
Meddreddyth reveals himself then as Manix, and declares that he shall be the one to sever the way.
Rhoninne steps forward to offer the sacrifice of his power and Math steps forward, so that his life blood can aid the flow of said power.