June 2017

Claws and Iron

The Lord of Midnight is a spirit of dreams and one of the great Drune Lords that serve Crom Cruach.  They could possess weak minds and feed off Spirits.  He was tasked with destroying the great spirits of the Northern tribes and Bringing the picts to The Great Wyrm’s cause.  One spirit that was attacked was the Great wild bear Samlach, and the White Bear would not not let this stand. By the using the wind trapping skills of the Finns and a net made by the wise of the Far Isle the dark spirit was first caught, then tricked into possessing a wooden effigy and the trapped there by the story weaving and praise of the heroes at Culhaven.

By their actions the White Bear proved that they were the rightful and deserving carriers of the Moryenwyn (The great Bear sword) and more Bear clans swore to its service.

Also with the death Shona the God of Seaweed has caused die back of the great Kelp beds which had held the Blue Men of the deep at bay.  Suddenly free and with access the the powers previously held back from them, they raised an army of the drowned dead which they set upon Culhaven. This army was in turn driven by the desire for vengeance on those whom they felt had failed them. They were repulsed and the weakness of the Blue Men to the sound of discordant music and poetry was used to send their task master back to the water.

Claws and Iron Gallery.



Svanni – Lauren

Drustan – Dru

Kai – Jack

Oisin – Stampy

Fleet – Enka


White bear

Klaw – Roy

Corryl – Marc Nicholas



Gato – Terry

Aud – Damon



Khartan – Tom

Gul – Nula

Gheren – Alysa

Bjorn Orikson – Nik Gleavey

Bjornulf The Holy – Simon the Russian


Endelyn merch Edern (Dumnonni) – Sarah

Rekjakka Seppa (Finn) – Martin Gill

Madradh mac Dáire (red Branch)- Jasper

Meren (Pathalonian) – Neil

Luna (Fae Gate mother) – Helen Naylor

Mil – Eric Struban

Hwyl (Black Shield) – Davis

Fion (Siabra) – Mark Minty

Sean (Usipeti) – Jeremy Naus

Odd (Saxon) – Goth