August 2018 – Of Cattle Raids and Kings

The War Wolves came howling across the land, only for their leader, Thorbrand Refskegg, to meet his end at Cul Haven’s walls.

That first storm has ended, but many more are on the horizon.

As such The Ard Ri has called a chieftains council in the harvest month, to discuss what must be done and what aid is needed.
If leaders can not be there themselves, it is asked they send word with another.

Still, other whispers stir up from the past, and with the return of old enemies a mystery is in need of solving.

What did become of the old Ard Ri?
His tales are whispered still and woven into the very fabric of the land.
Word has travelled, as word often does, that he is elsewhere.
Indeed it is said the Blackshields know the way.
That the sound of a dozen tales will open the path in one mighty breath.
Who then will go?
Who is brave enough to step through into the unknown, to find out, the truth of it all?
Why do the forces of Domnu come to the lands to bar passage?
For those who have the courage there is glory.
For those who have the strength there is adventure.
Oaths will be upheld.
Wills will be put to the test.
Prepare, for the end of one of the greatest chapters in that which we call, The Dumnonni Chronicles

We are very excited to have guest writers Terry Graham, Enka McEvoy and Steve Beasley on the team for this event.