August 2017 – The feast of the Tall Sheaves

The druids have spoken. Well, the Torri, the druids who see to the well being of smaller villages. Its hard not to seem them as a lesser breed. A little too young or too old, a bit less sharp, they still speak with the voice of the gods in their own way. They say this – the high druids have retreated to Ynnis Mon to commune with the ghosts of their dead leaders, the spirits of every high druid since the armies of Ceaser despoiled the sacred groves, convinced that one ancient has secret knowledge that will thwart Crom Cruach.
They say the have made progress – they have received commands from the smallest druid, who is travelling the land, speaking for the conclave: The Lord of the Tall Sheeves is alive! He stirs fitfully in his unborn sleep. The keepers of the wyrd in this wounded land agree. Touch the sacred stones in the right place – did you feel it? Like a babe kicking in its mother’s womb.
Yet so many questions need answers: the magical seeds are growing throughout the land, calling to the rebirth of the Lord of the Tall Sheeves. Being magical some seem ripe for harvest already. what does this mean? Is the Lord sending harbingers of his return? Does something need to be done with ripened crop? or is something wrong? are these too soon ready seed heads concealing a blight, a sabotage of the last remaining Drune Lords, are they the trickery of the King in Yellow?
Yet if it is some cunning ploy, it seems at odds with what else is known: The Yellow King has a field where he plants skulls that grow by midnight into ghoulish undead, a rabid sallow harvest, quick and cunning, bloated and pustulant, an endless crop of morbid flesh. What need would he have of subtlety?
Svani has already called for the making of a shrine to the gods of the sea, and Turalac has in a moment of insight, recalled that it is a year on from the wedding of land and sea: A festival where the land’s premature bounty is feasted upon might be a thing of wyrd, taking a sea storm and balancing it with the summer wind that shakes the barley.
Bring your swords and spears, but bring your pots and pans as well, for Fleet will no doubt speak fine words and glories for both those that can plat breads, bake fish, carve shrine posts and of course, those who’s blades become pitted with ichor of our foes.


The Feast of Tall Sheaves Gallery.



1 The Trev – Turlach
2 Svanni – Lauren
3 Kai – Jack
4 Fleet – Enka
5 Drustan – Dru

White bear
6 Klaw – Roy
7 Corryl – Marc Nicholas

8 Gato – Terry
9 Aud – Damon
10 Alsca – Lazy

11 Khartan – Tom
12 Gherin – Alysa

Black Shields
13 Hwyl (Black Shield) – Davis
14 ??? – Space

15 Endelyn merch Edern – Sarah
16 Moryn – Esther Daniels

17 Rekjakka Seppa (Finn) – Martin G
18 Aelsa – Denise
19 ??? – Paul T

20 Rhoninn (Druid) – Paul A
21 Luna (Fae Gate mother) – Helen
22 Fion (Siabra) – Mark Minty
23 Kelestran (Tuatha) – Rik
24 Aina (Fir Bholg) – Kelly W
25 Ambiok (Manapi) – Max
26 Faralnide – Nina

27 Willow – Elaine Hardcastle
28 Artos – Matt B



29 Bragstan – Dan Oshea

30 Madradh (red Branch)- Jaser
31 Meren (Pathalonian) – Neil

32 ??? – Lee