It is our belief that however good the other elements of a LRP event are, the number and quality of crew is key to it being excellent, especially if the event is combat heavy.


Luckily for us, we have a long tradition of having a lot of very capable crew. We believe that the reason for this is that our crew have fun. They fight a lot, they get to act in a number of NPC roles and they get to play with our vast array of costumes and props, which include a lot of weapons and armour.

However, we are greedy and always want more crew! We are particularly interested in having a massive turn out for our May bank Holiday event. Anyone from the age of 14 and over can attend and fight in our battles: we have pensioners, teenagers and everything in-between.

If you have never been before, or even never done LRP, do not be shy, we are a very welcoming group of folk and make an effort to induct people into how to fight safely, look cool doing it and, most importantly, get stuck into the crazy fun. If you’ve been before and enjoyed what we do, come along again! Please invite your mates, put the word out on facebook, and let everyone know that they should come. Tell re-enactment groups, other LRP and role-play groups to come along.

If you have any Dark Age kit bring it; Celtic, Roman, Viking, Saxon, and earlier. However if you don’t have any kit, come along anyway: all you’ll need is a pair of plain boots, camping equipment and a way of feeding yourself. We have loads of kit and weapons for you to use, and we pride ourselves on the quality of this crew-kit! AND CREWING IS FREE!

So if you think you’d like to be involved in this low-fantasy, high action dark-age setting:

Contact us at

Crew Guide

You can download a copy of the crew guide PDF HERE, or you can read it below.